Looking for a property for investment

A Buy to Let mortgage can assist you in purchasing a property for investment purposes.  PAD Financial recognise that there are different types of property investors, both professional and amateur and so we tailor our service depending on your needs.  We can work with you as you start on the path to building a portfolio or work with you on complex financial arrangements to enable you to grow when others are fading away.

In order to make a return on your investment you need to think carefully about the property’s monthly income and how that compares to the amount of money you are investing (rental yield).  As Buy to Let is a long term strategy, you also need to consider the future value of the property.  Some people look to invest purely for capital growth and others for an income from the rent, why you choose to invest is entirely up to you, but PAD Financial can help you realise your Buy to Let purchase and help with your Buy to Let mortgage.

This sector has grown massively since the credit crunch, and with increasing regulation and tax changes, it is imperative that you speak to a professional that can help.  If you value a professional approach and want to talk to an advisor that can help you finance your next purchase, please contact PAD Financial.

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